Dates Pickle – 100g


Dates pickle is a perfect blend of sweet, sour and spicy with aromatic spices. A healthy hot and sweet Kerala authentic pickle for all age groups

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No Indian meal is complete without the side dish of pickles. Ruchi pickles are prepared in a traditional way using vegetables of meat as the case may be. It is added with oil and a variety of masalas.  Our pickles are homemade under close supervision using ingredients of superior quality.  Ruchi mango pickles come in two varieties, cut mango and tender (whole) mango. These are a mix of mangoes, red chili powder, mustard seeds powder, salt, and coconut oil in the right proportion. The raw mangoes are allowed to mature for a few weeks in porcelain jars. Similarly, we have lemon, ginger, garlic, gooseberry, bitter gourd, gongura, tomato and carrot pickles. We also have a range of non-vegetarian pickles including meat, seer fish and prawns. Pickles are often a good combination with a meal of rice. 


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