Appam Mix – 500g


Easy appam mix can be used as a tasty breakfast item. Easy appam is a traditional product made from fine white rice, lentil and yeast. No coconut milk required and only use lukewarm water. 1-hour fermentation. Can be served with curries or coconut milk

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Dosa, idli, appam, idiyappam and puttu are the most important breakfast dishes of Kerala. These are pure vegetarian dishes taken along with vegetarian side dishes or egg curry. Ruchi breakfast mixes are an instant solution, especially for families with working couples, for giving a nourishing, wonderful start to the day. Appam is a soft dish, spongy in the middle and with a lacy border. It is popular throughout Kerala and going with a variety of curries. Appams are good for health as these do not require much oil, can be served with sweetened coconut milk, vegetable kurma or stew. Idly was recently rated by the World Health Organization as the healthiest breakfast dish in the world. It goes well with sambar or a range of chutneys. Dosa is a versatile dish that comes in various forms like plain dosa, set dosa, masala dosa, ghee roast, etc. Ruchi idli batter and dosa batter are in much demand in Kerala as these two dishes are the most popular in homes and restaurants across the state. 


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