Welcome To Ruchi Mini Mart

Who We Are

We are here! Your wait is finally over. Your destination for easy, affordable, and convenient shopping for everyday needs is now open in Kachani, not far from the heart of Thiruvananthapuram city. Our brand-new mini-market, Ruchi Mini Mart, is going to be your friendly neighborhood destination for everyday low-price items ranging from groceries to foodstuffs to kitchen essentials. Avoid the hassles of long queues and waiting times at supermarkets for essential supplies, the tedium of time-taking shopping trips, and the unreasonable prices due to huge margins.

Ruchi Mini Mart presents you with the entire gamut of superior quality, homemade Ruchi Food Products in addition to all the groceries and household accessories that constitute a normal family’s primary shopping. Ruchi Food Products are rich in nutrition and adhere to strict hygiene standards. Once you savor them, you are sure to keep coming for more. 

At Ruchi Mini Mart, shopping is not a dull exercise that you grudgingly carry out but sheer fun that you will look forward to.There is practically no time lost in searching for items or waiting in line at the counters. Enjoy the look and feel of the famous Ruchi products like chakkavaratti, pickles, pappadam, rice flours, masala powders, and mouth-watering snacks which are prepared in a dust-free environment, aided by the latest in processing technology. We also offer home delivery for a better shopping experience. Ruchi Mini Mart is sure to be the extension to your home that you have been waiting for!

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